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Monday, October 24, 2011

BBA: Stan Musial Award

This is the official ballot of the Fantasy Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Associations' vote for the Stan Musial Award which recognizes the Top Player in both the American League and the National League.

American League
  1. Jose Bautista
  2. Jacoby Ellsbury
  3. Miguel Cabrera
  4. Dustin Pedroia
  5. Curtis Granderson
  6. Justin Verlander
  7. Adrian Gonzalez
  8. Ian Kinsler
  9. Alex Gordon
  10. Melky Cabrera
National League
  1. Matt Kemp
  2. Ryan Braun
  3. Prince Fielder
  4. Joey Votto
  5. Justin Upton
  6. Troy Tulowitski
  7. Albert Pujols
  8. Jose Reyes
  9. Hunter Pence
  10. Lance Berkman
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Monday, November 01, 2010

Hamilton and Votto Win BBA's Stan Musial Awards

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance concluded their award
season today by naming the best player in each league for 2010. When
all the votes were tallied, two men were comfortably ahead.
outfielder Josh Hamilton, who hit 32 home runs and fashioned an OPS of
1.044 while leading the Rangers into the playoffs, won the award
in the American League. Hamilton received sixteen first place votes
and 261 points overall, which put him ahead of his nearest competitor,
Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera, by roughly 70 points.

In the National League, helping Cincinnati to an unexpected divisional
title paid off for first baseman Joey Votto. After a season where he
cracked 37 home runs and posted a 1.024 OPS, Votto also received
sixteen first-place votes toward his total of 252 points. He also
denied St. Louis first baseman Albert Pujols the chance to win
back-to-back BBA awards. Pujols was selected as MVP by the BBA in
2009, but placed second with 197 points in this year’s voting.

Winners of other Alliance awards also received votes in the Musial balloting. In the American League, Walter Johnson winner Felix Hernandez received 21 points, while Goose Gossage selection
Rafael Soriano had a single mention. On the senior circuit, Walter Johnson winner Roy Halladay placed fourth in the voting with 101 points.

The complete voting results are as follows (first place votes in parenthesis):

American League
Josh Hamilton, Texas (16) 261
Miguel Cabrera, Detroit (4) 188
Robinson Cano, New York 158
Jose Bautista, Toronto (1) 146
Adrian Beltre, Boston 107
Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay (1) 102
Paul Konerko, Chicago 65
Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay 56
Joe Mauer, Minnesota 50
Shin-Soo Choo, Cleveland 44
Felix Hernandez, Seattle 21
Vladimir Guerrero, Texas 13
Justin Morneau, Minnesota 12
Delmon Young, Minnesota 10
Cliff Lee, Seattle/Texas 8
CC Sabathia, New York 8
Alex Rodriguez, New York 7
Clay Buchholz, Boston 4
Mark Teixeria, New York 3
Jon Lester, Boston 2
Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle 2
Nick Swisher, New York 2
Jim Thome, Minnesota 2
Kevin Youkilis, Boston 2
Brett Gardner, New York 1
David Ortiz, Boston 1
Rafael Soriano, Tampa Bay 1

National League
Joey Votto, Cincinnati (16) 252
Albert Pujols, St. Louis (3) 197
Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado (1) 118
Roy Halladay, Philadelphia (1) 101
Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego 98
Troy Tulowitski, Colorado 98
Ryan Zimmerman, Washington 93
Matt Holliday, St. Louis 84
Aubrey Huff, San Francisco 32
Adam Wainwright, St. Louis 17
Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado 16
Josh Johnson, Florida 16
Dan Uggla, Florida 16
Jayson Werth, Philadelphia 16
Ryan Braun, Milwaukee 13
Prince Fielder, Milwaukee 10
Ryan Howard, Philadelphia 9
Martin Prado, Atlanta 7
Jason Heyward, Atlanta 6
Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee 5
David Wright, New York 5
Adam Dunn, Washington 4
Kelly Johnson, Arizona 4
Andres Torres, San Francisco 1

Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in the fall of 2009 to encourage
cooperation and collaboration between baseball bloggers of all major
league teams as well as those that follow baseball more generally. As
of this writing, the organization consists of
233 blogs spanning all 30 major league squads as well as general baseball writing.

BBA is organized under a similar structure as the Baseball Writers of
America, where blogs that follow the same team are combined into
“chapters” and only two votes from the chapter on an award
are counted. The blog chapters that are focused on general baseball
were allowed two votes as well, which they could use both on the same
league or split between the two leagues.

generally followed one of two methods when casting their ballot.
Either representatives of the chapter were given the ballots for
voting or a “group ballot” was posted, accounting for both of their

Ballots are posted on the respective blogs and for this award,
were tabulated on a 13-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 point scale for first through
tenth place. In the interest of transparency, links are given below for
the ballots. Chapter affiliation is in parenthesis. Those chapters
that decided on the group method are noted with an asterisk.

American League
Camden Crazies
The Bottom Line
The Tribe Daily
Motor City Bengals
Switch Hitting Pitchers
One Royal Way
(Kansas City)*
Twinkie Talk
Seth Speaks
Bronx Baseball Daily
(New York)*
Contract Year
Rise of the Rays
(Tampa Bay)
Infield Fly
The Blue Jay Hunter
Advanced Fantasy Baseball
Victoria Seals Baseball Blog
Misc. Baseball
Blogging From The Bleachers

National League
Blog Red Machine
Marlin Maniac
Marlins Diehards
Feeling Dodger Blue
(Los Angeles)
The Eddie Kranepool Society
(New York)*
Dugger’s Corner
Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?
The Outfield Ivy
(St. Louis)
Pitchers Hit Eighth
(St. Louis)
Friar Forecast
(San Diego)*
(San Francisco)*
Advanced Fantasy Baseball
Victoria Seals Baseball Blog
Misc. Baseball
Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf
Blogging From The Bleachers

Prior Winners: 2009: Joe Mauer, Minnesota; Albert Pujols, St. Louis

The official website of the BBA is located at
The BBA can be found on Twitter by the handle @baseballblogs and by
the hashmark #bbba. Members of the BBA may be heard at Blog Talk Radio
every Tuesday night with their call-in show,
BBA Baseball Talk, which may also be downloaded as a podcast from iTunes. For more information, contact Daniel Shoptaw at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stan Musial Award Nominations: Fantasy Chapter

Once again, as President of the Baseball Blogger Association's Fantasy Chapter, I have the honor of presenting the chapter's Stan Musial Award Nominations.

The American League Stan Musial Award Nominations:

1. Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers (3)
2. Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays (1)
3. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
4. Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
5. Adrian Beltre, Boston Red Sox
6. Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays
7. Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Rays
8. Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
9. Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox
10. Shin-Soo Choo, Cleveland Indians

Justin Morneau, Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner also received votes.

The National League Stan Musial Award Nominations:

1. Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals (2)
2. Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds (2)
3. Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies
4. Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals
5. Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies
6. Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals
7. Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres
8. Aubrey Huff, San Francisco Giants
9. Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers
10. Andres Torres, San Francisco Giants

Jayson Werth, Jay Bruce and Kelly Johnson also received votes.

Please check these links for more details: