Friday, February 17, 2012

The Auction Budget Split, 70/30?

I received this e-mail recently:
Hi there, I just read your entry here:

I'm writing to ask a question regarding the building the budget paragraph. I'm in a 16 team (5x5) weekly H2H league. We can have 22 players on our roster. That means 352 total players are available in the pool. Given this, would you still project to a 70/30 split on finances? How do you arrive at the 70/30 number in the 1st place. I feel like that is the one thing not touched upon in this article.

Many thanks,

Hi Michael,

The 70/30 split for hitting/pitching is based on the belief that hitting is easier to project than pitching. It takes into account the difficulty in projecting and unpredictable nature of some pitching stats by reducing your risk. Less money spent on pitching equals less risked. This is not by any means a ratio that you need to stick with. In reality the value of players should be 50/50 since there are typically the same number of hitting and pitching categories.

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