Monday, February 27, 2012

Rotojunkie Mock One Draft

The RotoJunkie Mock One Draft is a twenty-team league with just one catcher drafted, nine pitchers, and five bench spots. It penetrates pretty deeply into the player pool. We do slow draft that runs from January to late February most of the time.

My plan was to draft a strong offense and look for pitchers I could get later in the draft that might rebound to an earlier round value. I did not plan to skimp on saves but a run on closers caught me with my pants down and almost 40 picks between turns. I think the team is pretty good and we'll let it play out on I'll keep you updated.

Let me know what you think and what your strategy might be for winning this league. In the comments or shoot me an e-mail.

C Chris Ianetta 20.20
1B Ryan Howard 5.01
3B Alex Rodriguez 3.01
CR Freddie Freeman 6.20
2B Ryan Raburn 16.20
SS Jhonny Peralta 11.01
MI Jamey Carroll 17.01
OF Matt Kemp 1.01
OF Michael Bourn 2.20
OF Delmon Young 10.20
OF Bryce Harper 13.01
OF Gerrardo Parra 22.20
Utl Paul Goldschmidt 7.01

SP C.J. Wilson 4.20
SP Ubaldo Jimenez 8.20
SP Derek Holland 9.01
SP Chris Sale 12.20
SP Johan Santana 14.20
P Ryan Dempster 15.01
P Shelby Miller 21.01
RP Joaquin Benoit 19.01
RP Sean Marshall 18.20

R1 Alberto Callaspo, 3B
R2 Julio Borbon, OF
R3 Rex Brothers, RP
R4 Clint Barmes, SS
R5 Josh Lueke RP


  1. lol, sorry about the misunderstanding Cory (if you aren't just kidding), 1.01 is round one, pick one.

  2. i personally will not be taking an outfielder until the 5th round. I think my order will be in the first and second either a 1B or a 3B. Then a star starter pitcher then SS or 2B. I think player 40-70 there are a ton of great outfielders like desmond jennings, and utley.

    Also I think you could have waited til 5.01 to get a-rod that seems to be going in most mock around 60-65 but I think that cause people think he has been getting old, which is has been. but this is a bounce back year for a-rod and once camp gets going and he starts to get some expo games down his position will rise about ten spots.

    i wrote about this earlier today @ htt:// player ranking 61-80